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1. Since 1615, the “Feldererhof” has been in possession of the Garber Family.

The history ...

The historic farm was first officially mentioned in 1328. Since 1615, the Garber Family has been living and working on this farm, whose appearance has changed over the different epochs and art styles, but always stuck with the old traditions and values. In the course of time, the “Feldererhof” was no longer just a farm with animal husbandry, fruit and vine cultivation and even silkworm breeding, but also the meeting point of numerous artists and art lovers. Furthermore, this farm is home and birthplace of the great Curator, art historian, painter and priest Dr Josef Garber (1883 – 1933). Influential friends of Dr Garber, such as Albin Agger-Lienz, Albert and Ignaz Stolz and Ernst Nepo also left their traces on our farmyard. The façade of the farmhouse’s bay window was painted by the above-named artist Ernst Nepo. It represents the “Madonna Consolata”. 

The grapevine above the private ascend to our farm is named after Dr Garber’s closest friend: Dr Josef Weingarten (1885 – 1957). 

For generations the Family set a high value on a cultivated and decent ambience; so even on this very day, after the last modification in 2005, the farm offers a harmonic combination of ancient and recent buildings. 

Today the “Feldererhof” belongs to Hans Karl and Priska Garber and their children Johannes, Katharina Maria and Stephan. All of them still attach great importance to maintaining and passing on the old values. 

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